We deliver multiple professional services for sport events, from professional timekeeping, TV graphics, sound, scoreboards and LED video wall rental to Internal TV circuits and accreditation. Our services can be combined and modified to fit the needs of any kind of event. Have a look at the list of services below. For more information click the individual links to detail pages of that individual service.

Professional timekeeping

With modern measurement technology and specialized staff we measure the performance in time, length and speed in different sports. Results are computed in real-time and showed on various types of displays, such as scoreboards, LED screens and TV Graphics.

Computer Graphics

SCG is your professional computer graphics partner using the best equipment driven by custom built high quality software, connecting world’s biggest sport events to any broadcaster. Graphics generated using XPRESSION 3D platform makes multi-layer graphics, sophisticated designs and innovative uses of live content and data always easy to adjust, meeting any television layout requirements.

Sport Secretary Service

SCG's Sport Secretary Services makes sure your event has one contact which arranges everything regarding your sports business rules. Our experienced staff, partners and freelancers make sure all athletes are up-to-date regarding time schedules, classification, and results. 


SCG is specialized in rental of video walls and LED scoreboards for use at big sport events, but can also be extremely suitable at conferences, pop concerts or any other big public event. With our extensive knowledge of graphic design we can deliver any graphical application to the screens.

Live Internet Results

Setting up environments for web hosting, hosting event results, creating content for your event website. event live results getting updated in real-time and styled in accordance with the customer. Creating, customizing and seamlessly let event results interact with your website. With our current live results platform even more customizable than before, we can setup the results to reflect the style and layout used on your site within hours. Publishing your results to the web, mobile devices or any other third party system

Mobile Applications

In coöperation with we can create your own event application for Iphone, Android or windows phone. Dedicated apllicaitons and designs are created in close collabaration with our customers, giving you control in the whole process. 

Live Streaming

Live video streaming using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with global coverage. Video’s can be stored and clipped for on-demand viewing. All content is viewable on any computer or mobile device.

Sports Accounting

In coöperation with, we have developed a web application called SportsAccounting to manage the complete financial part of a sport event. In contrast to the software usually used by sport secretaries, SportsAccounting is a financial tool purely based on sports and therefore much easier to work with than conventional administration software.


We are specialized in setting up temporary broadcasting networks for distributing TV signals to different locations at any event. Using a combination of wired and wireless technology to achieve the highest quality signal at every end point.This service can also be combined with our TV graphics system to give each TV signal your own corporate identity.


Our latest service is a complete digital accreditation system for each kind of event. fully customizable to meet your needs. Because the system is running in the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere, making it to setup multiple accreditiation points at an event.

Sound Systems

Need an advanced sound system for your event? With over 50 years of experience we can be your partner using high quality event speakers including amplifiers, microphones, mounting and support.