Live Internet Results

Live Internet Results

SCG started with publishing live results on the internet in 1996. Back then, most internet communication still took place using analog modems or ISDN.

Even with the limited amount of bandwidth to our disposal, we still managed to offer the public almost real-time experiences with innovative programs which only updated the parts of the HTML that had changed. In collaboration with Horses of the Dutch(, SCG offered results in the clients custom made layouts that could easily be incorporate into their websites.

Since 1996 we have covered more than a thousand events, with an availability over 99%. During a normal weekend of sport events we supply “banner free” live results to around 20.000 visitors. We have a lot of experience setting up environments for hosting websites which makes us a reliable partner for result hosting. Our current results are hosted in the Cloud. This way we can increase server capacity within minutes to handle increased traffic. During WEG 2010 in Kentucky we made the results available for intranet (press, TV) from our own built local server setup, supplying visitors with the results of multiple disciplines simultaneously in real-time.

Our current Live Results Platform is even more customizable than before. Within hours we can setup the results to reflect the style and layout used on your site. We can also design and host sites for hosting a whole series of events; i. e. have a look at We can even incorporate live streaming or Video On Demand services into our live results pages.

The Live Result platform is build with interoperability in mind which makes it possible for our client to build their own user interfaces around our data platform. We use popular exchange methods such as XML/XSLT and SOAP/WSDL web services for data delivery. Data is presented in such a way that no calculations or ordering has to be done to transform the data for display. The only real knowledge needed by the subscribers of our services is knowledge about the sport.