Professional Timekeeping

Professional Timekeeping

With modern measurement technology and specialized staff SCG measure the performance in time, length and speed in different sports. They make use of measurement equipment, sensors with "radio" transponder and direct registration of time in computers, displayed on Scoreboards, Television and Internet.

Our electronic timing systems are operated by a certified staff that knows how to operate the system and what to do in case problems occur. All our ET systems are checked and tested by the operators everytime before they are used. When during testing faulty or weak components are found they are replaced or repaired and tested again.

We know as no other how dynamic sport events can be, with customized competitions, classifications and evolving rules. This is why our software is developed in-house, so it can be easily adjusted to new circumstances and developments in the sport. Our agile way of working is what is valued most by our clients. We rely on Microsoft development tools like Visual Studio and SQL Server for our electronic timing software solutions. Our software programs are build using the latest conventions and standards in software programming. This makes us able to interact with third party companies who like to interact with our systems for their data processing purposes.

SCG electronic timing software works with all mayor hardware from professional timing companies. We are constantly evolving our software and hardware to make the registration of time more reliable and accurate. Our photocells contain long lasting batteries and strong and reliable radio transmitters, this makes them very versatile in placing them around a track for measuring purposes. Our computer systems are custom build and equiped with the latest hardware and software. All data acquisition and analysis happens instantly, giving spectators and competitors real-time feed back of current scores and ranking.

SCG timing solutions use products from the following timing companies: