Sports Accounting

For all sport secretary needs SCG has developed a webapplication called in coöperation with is a web application which helps you manage the financial side a sport event. Sports secretaries using typical accounting programs often find these to be insufficient and a lot of mistakes are made because these programs are not setup to do accounting for sports. is build with accounting for sports in mind. Therefor the system works with rules and regulations that are often found in sport events. Accounts are build up of expenses and refunds that are directly linked to athletes, making it easier for organiser to track the incoming and outgoing flow of money. is very easy to work with. Anybody with a basic knowledge of administration and sports should be able to work with our application. At the current state of development we offer full support and help your sport secretary get started with the application. is a web application so it runs in your browser. You don't have to install it or need a fancy computer network to use it. After payment of the configuration fee, we will setup your administration and users accounts. After that you're able to log into the application.